9 Club Updates 9 PLAYOFFS


Here is the playoff schedule for this weekend. The losers at Tyke, Mosquito & Pee Wee will be playing under the lights at the Maxville Fair on Friday June 24th. The winners advance to the championships on Sunday June 26th.

SUNDAY JUNE 19th @ Joe St Denis Field

8:30am TYKE Cornwall 3 vs Cornwall 2

10:00am TYKE Cornwall 1 vs Gaels

11:30am MOSQUITO Cornwall 1 vs Gaels

1:30pm BANTAM Cornwall 1 vs Gaels

3:30pm PEE WEE Cornwall 1 vs Cornwall 2

5:30pm BANTAM Cornwall 2 vs Cornwall 3

SUNDAY JUNE 19th @ Glengarry District High School 

1:00pm PEE WEE Gaels vs Russell (Russell has now forfeit their game. Gaels win 1-0)

MONDAY JUNE 20th @ Joe St Denis Field

6:00pm MOSQUITO Cornwall 2 vs Cornwall 3