9 Wildcats Corner 9 OSFL Week 9 – What A Season!

OSFL Week 9 – What A Season!

Week 9 – What A Season! – Wildcats Season Wrap-Up

It was my first season writing for the Wildcats, and I wasn’t sure what my expectations were for myself and the team’s performance. 

After conducting some research and discovering that they finished with a 3-3 record last year, I hoped they would turn things around and improve this season. It’s safe to say that this edition of the OSFL Wildcats did not disappoint.

Having attended a few practices and observed these young men diligently following the coaches’ instructions and displaying their intensity and seriousness, I felt this season would be special. 

The perfect season they achieved grew stronger with each play and game as the weeks went on. It was quite incredible to witness how this team came together and knew what they had to do.

The Wildcats finished this season with an impressive 6-0 record, earning them the first seed in the eastern division. Despite Hamilton taking the first seed due to fewer defensive points in the preliminary games, the Wildcats comfortably secured the second seed overall in the entire league. It’s a remarkable turnaround from last year.

As I have written in numerous articles throughout the year, the Wildcats’ defensive game and play were the standout features. Watching the games first-hand and witnessing the defence snuff out quarterbacks and shut down many plays, it doesn’t surprise me that they boast the best regular season defence with only 54 points against. 

Players like Cameron Belisle and Griffin Charlebois rank in the top five tacklers in the east AAA. Additionally, they lead the entire AAA in interceptions, totalling eight.

Regarding the offence, while it started slow and methodical, it gained strength and confidence as the season progressed. The Wildcats had the second-best regular-season offence in the league, along with the most passing yards in the AAA, thanks to Quarterback Xavier Uhr, who took the title of the best passer. 

Joshua Downey and Mason Wilson were instrumental in that offence, claiming the top four and five positions in rushing yards in the entire league, respectively.

Among the receivers, Noah Cardinal stood out as the best in the entire league. He captured the most yards, receptions (with a lead of over 300 yards compared to the second-place Jackson Taylor in Hamilton), and touchdowns. Watching Noah play and seeing how he drove the offensive engine was quite impressive.

On the special teams front, Zachary Aubin was a model of consistency having the best field goal percentage and field goals made in the entire league.

With all these statistics and having attended the games in person, cheering on the Wildcats and witnessing the hard work put in by the players, coaching staff, and management team, it’s safe to say that they’ve earned this success and must be recognized for what they’ve accomplished so far

As all sports fans know, once the regular season is over, the playoffs begin. The playoffs introduce a “win or done” dynamic every week, putting more pressure on the Wildcats to continue their perfect season. 

Their first playoff matchup will be against their original opponents from the beginning of the year, the Burlington Stampeders. Undoubtedly, the players and coaching staff realize that this will be a whole new level of competition, but I have a feeling that the Wildcats will be ready to take them on, just as they have approached every other game.

The playoff game is scheduled for Saturday, July 22nd, at 4:00 PM at Joe St. Denis Field in Cornwall, ON.

This blogger cannot wait to see the game!

Go Wildcats!