9 Wildcats Corner 9 OSFL Week 8 – RECAP


Week 8 – Season Accomplished: Wildcats versus Hawkeyes

The Cornwall Wildcats had a mission: to complete this season with a perfect record. During the preseason they faced the Stampeders and the Riders, resulting in a 1-1 record.

As with any new season, the offence needed time to gather strength and develop a better understanding of the schemes taught by the coaches during practice. The defence experienced a similar learning curve.

Before the game against the Oshawa Hawkeyes, the Wildcats had a 5-0 record. 

There was a strong sense of confidence within the team, fueled by their recent performances where the Wildcats’ defence had consistently shut out or held opposing offences to under 15 points per game.

In their final game, the Wildcats did not disappoint, defeating the Hawkeyes with a score of 22-10. The coaching staff decided to rest some key players while allowing others to showcase their skills and reap the rewards of their hard work. 

Throughout the game, the offence adopted a more rushing-oriented and conservative style to prevent injuries, as the Wildcats had already secured a playoff position.

Leading the offence was Josh Downey, who achieved 142 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Other notable contributors included Jaheim Newton and Carter Camplin, who combined for 28 yards. Keegan Aragon McCann managed to score a touchdown with 33 yards, and Xavier also scored a touchdown.

The Wildcats’ success this season would not have been possible without their storied defence, which continued to dominate opposing teams, allowing only 10 points in this game.

This defence has consistently impressed me and instilled full confidence in the coaching staff and players, demonstrating that the Wildcats are always prepared to win every game they play.

With the season now complete and a perfect 6-0 record, the Wildcats and the rest of the OS league can enjoy a bye week. This break provides teams with the opportunity to strategize, recover from any injuries, and prepare for the playoffs.

As the first-place team in their division, the Wildcats are guaranteed two home games.

The team will face the Burlington Stampeders once again in the quarterfinals. The Stampeders were the only team to defeat the Wildcats during the preseason, and it remains the sole blemish on their otherwise flawless summer.

The Wildcats understand the importance of not taking anything for granted and are fully focused on settling their nerves and accomplishing their goals.

Thank you for such an amazing season to watch!

Go Wildcats!