9 Wildcats Corner 9 OSFL Week 7 – RECAP


Week 7 – Juggernaut: Wildcats vs Dolphins

Since I began this journey writing for the Wildcats, I have been fascinated by how this team is coached and how the players respond to learning the game they love. 

Over the past few weeks, attending some games and observing the players’ interactions with each other and their coaching staff, the team has continued deepening their bond as the wins continue to pile up.

The quality of the teachings and the players’ attention to detail is evident this season, as the Wildcats have gone on an amazing 6-0 winning streak since their loss to the Burlington Stampeders in Week 1.

Following their impressive win against the Thunder, the Wildcats were back on the road on Canada Day weekend to face the Durham Dolphins. Their confidence remained high, especially after their recent victories, and the team has settled into a groove that propels them forward.

As the game began, the script remained the same, and the Wildcats ended up defeating the Durham Dolphins 32-11.

Once again, the team was anchored by their quarterback, Xavier Uhr. Uhr had another strong game, completing 13 out of 20 passes for 235 yards and two touchdowns. RB Josh Downey continued to dominate with one touchdown and 40 rushing yards this season. RB Mason Wilson had 35 yards on seven rushing attempts.

This game also featured several long throws, where Noah Cardinal and Colby Delves showcased their continued impressive play. Cardinal had six receptions for 140 yards and one touchdown, while Delves caught two passes for 30 yards. Carter Camplin was also a factor in this game with three pass receptions for 51 yards. WR Keegan Aragon McCann scored a late touchdown.

As always, Cornwall’s defence continued to exhibit steady and strong play, which has been the story throughout this season. In the last three games, the Wildcats’ defence has not allowed more than 20 points combined. 

They consistently snuffed out the opponents’ offensive abilities, closing gaps and shutting down lanes. This impressive defence aims to continue its success as they hit the road again this week to finish their regular season against the Oshawa Hawkeyes.

Game day is Saturday July 8th at Oshawa Civic Recreation Centre. Kickoff at 7:00pm.

As the title suggests for this week’s review, the Wildcats are becoming a juggernaut in this division. After the win in Durham, the Wildcats will finish first in the Eastern Division and secure a playoff spot with home-field advantage! I am incredibly proud of this organization and this team.

Go Wildcats!