9 Wildcats Corner 9 OSFL Week 3 – RECAP


Week 3 – David vs. Goliath – Wildcats vs. Junior Argos

There is always this sense of David versus Goliath when Cornwall Wildcats play against bigger cities like Ottawa and Toronto. With much larger populations on their side, minor football programs in these cities have of have many extra players to choose from that it’s easier to assemble a strong team.

Given that Cornwall is the smallest population franchise team in the OSFL, the CMFA has a much smaller pool of players to choose from. It seems the Wildcats’ fortunes are changing recently, and they can challenge and even defeat these larger communities and teams.

Getting players to buy into the system and learn the game they love is a testament to the quality of this organization.

This past weekend, Cornwall Wildcats hosted the Toronto Jr. Argos late Saturday afternoon. The Jr. Argos started the season 0-2, and the Wildcats hoped to extend it to a third straight loss.

The Wildcats had improved after they beat Myers 17-0 and wanted to continue their winning streak which they certainly did, by defeating the Jr. Argos 37-4. The game itself had a similar feel to last week’s performance, but there were many delays due to the high number of penalties given out, especially for unnecessary roughness for the Jr. Argos.

The Wildcats’ offence style seemed slow at times, but they kept chipping away and scored. They found the lanes better and move the ball into the endzone more easily.

The defence was the main story of this game. Much like Week 2, the defence did not give the Jr. Argos much to get anything going. The Wildcats suffocated their offence. Play after play, waves of Wildcats players would cover all angles, not giving their receivers much room to catch the ball.

The Wildcats are 2-1 on the season. The schedule will continue to get tougher with the upcoming opponents and there is a sense that the offense will need to continue to build. After Saturday’s performance, there is hope this has turned a corner.

The Wildcats will play host again and play the Kingston Grenadiers on Saturday, June 10th, at 4:00 PM.

Go Wildcats!