9 Wildcats Corner 9 OSFL Week 10 – Quarterfinals!

OSFL Week 10 – Quarterfinals!

Week 10 – Quarterfinals! – Wildcats vs Stampeders

The stage set and the players and coaches are dialled in as the Cornwall Wildcats prepare to play in the playoffs. The coaching staff and players live for this new season, where the stakes and pressure are higher. 

It’s a “one or done” mentality, knowing that one poor performance could derail the entire season. The adrenaline rush is palpable for the players, who understand the importance of these games. Last Saturday, the Wildcats experienced playoff play for the first time this year.

The weather was perfect, a beautiful sunny day with warm temperatures, the terrain was well-groomed at St. Joe’s Denis Field. As I walked by the sidelines to find my seat, I could see and feel the excitement and determination in all the players.

Spectators who understand the game and the league felt that this game was going to be close. These two teams had met in the first game of the OSFL year, where the Stampeders beat the Wildcats 25-20. Fortunately for the Wildcats, that game was only an exhibition, allowing them ample time to figure out their defensive and offensive strategies, leading to their perfect regular season.

I won’t lie; there were nerves on both teams, and the scoreboard reflected the back-and-forth nature of the game. However, as the game progressed, the story of the year, the Wildcats’ defence began to take over again, stifling the Stampeders. This stingy defence gave quarterback Xavier Uhr time to settle his troops and get the offence rolling.

Xavier used a blend of tactics to support his teammates and managed to score points through various means, including passing and rushing. In the end, the Wildcats emerged victorious, winning the game 29-22.

On the offensive side, numerous players stepped up and scored points and touchdowns. 

Aside from Xavier, Mason Wilson, Josh Downey, and Carter Camplin all managed to score a touchdown. Carter Camplin, in particular, played a significant role in the game, with 5 receptions for 93 yards and one touchdown.

Although the defence allowed 22 points, there was a sense that they had the game well under control, especially in the second half, where they closed off the Stampeders for the rest of the game. Players like Prince Ouattara, Griffin Charlebois, Logan Paulin, and Maxime Lamarche were instrumental in this superb defensive effort that led to the victory.

Now that the Wildcats have overcome their first hurdle, they move on to the semis, where the competition will be much more difficult. On July 29th at 4:00 PM at St. Joe Denis Field, the Wildcats will face off against the Essex Ravens, a team they haven’t met yet this year and are ranked #2. 

I feel confident they will beat the Ravens if they stick to their plan and continue playing how they have been while being adaptable.

Go Wildcats!