9 Club Updates 9 NCAFA TRYOUTS



1. Attendance at practices/try-outs is mandatory. Please speak to your head coach if you will be missing for any reason. Communication is important. 

2. There will be CUTS at every level. These are our competitive teams and the best players are selected. 

3. We will spend a considerable amount of time working on the fundamentals of football. “SAFE CONTACT” is important, learning to use proper technique for blocking and tackling will be stressed repeatedly. 

4. NCAFA is the league we play in. We follow their rules when it comes to registration/administration and roster sizes. We are limited to the number of players we can carry on a team. 

5. There will be an eight game regular season, with four home games and four away games. Our home games are on Sundays. Game times are usually 9am Tyke, 11am Mosquito, 1pm Pee Wee, 3pm Bantam.

6. On Saturday August 28th we will be attending a jamboree at Twin Elms Rugby Park in Ottawa. This will be for all age levels. 

7. Regular season start date is September 4th weekend. Championship games are scheduled for November 13th weekend. 

8. Please get REGISTERED and pay the Football Ontario INSURANCE ($10 for flag players. $35 for new players)


Monday July 26th – BANTAM from 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Tuesday July 27th – TYKE at 7:30pm (after games)
Wednesday July 28th – MOSQUITO 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Thursday July 29th – PEE WEE 6:30pm – 8:00pm
*If you cannot make these dates we will try and figure out another date*

Each player will be given the following items:
1. Helmet 
2. Shoulder pads
3. Padded football pants
4. Mouthguard
5. You will need to purchase a $20 practice jersey. Blue is defence & White is offence.