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Just a few tidbits of information on the upcoming season.

Sunday April 29th is our last practice indoorsMuch of our indoor time has been spent teaching fundamentals and the basics of football.

After this weekend (April 29th) the teams will be formed, and we hope to be practicing outdoors with our assigned teams. As of today we anticipate the season starting Sunday May 13th. A game schedule should be available once the teams are made.

We will post rosters, coaches info & where teams will practice as soon as they are available. Lots will be happening next week!! We are doing our best to accommodate all special requests for practice nights, etc.

HOME GAMES – Cornwall Collegiate & Vocational School (CCVS)
AWAY GAMES –  Glengarry District High School (Alexandria)


PRACTICE TIMES – Sunday April 29th
9am-10:30 TYKE
11am-1pm MOSQUITO
1pm-3pm PEE WEE
3pm-5pm BANTAM