FLAG FOOTBALL UPDATE - Cornwall Wildcats

We will be drawing the winner on Sunday October 11th after the bantam games. Please bring in all your tickets (hopefully all sold) and the money for those tickets. We are still looking for bottles of liquor to be donated.

There are no more practices, instead there will be games during the week. The nights do not change, just the times. Please check the schedule. Athletes should always be at the field 30 minutes before game-time.

Please make sure you are attending all practices/games. If you will miss please communicate with your coach. The new Covid-19 rules now limit the number of players we can sign for our activities, this will surely continue into 2021. If you cannot be committed to our programs, there are kids on waiting lists looking to participate. We are looking to continue to develop our athletes and everyone is welcome, but a lack of commitment will affect your ability to register for future programs. Please be respectful of our coaches/volunteers and their time.