PLAYOFF SCHEDULE - Cornwall Wildcats

Here is the schedule for next Sunday’s semi-final playoff games.

The losing TYKE & BANTAM teams are done for the season and will be returning equipment right after their game (pants also). Unless you are playing NCAFA. Bring a change of clothes.

The losing MOSQUITO & PEE WEE teams will be playing at the Maxville Fair on Friday June 21st.

Championship Day will be Sunday June 23rd.

Sunday June 16th @ Joe St Denis Field

TYKE – 9:00am
Corn 2 vs Corn 1

MOSQUITO – 10:30am
Corn 2 vs Corn 1

BANTAM – 12:00pm
Corn 2 vs Corn 3

PEE WEE – 1:30pm
Corn 3 vs Corn 4

PEE WEE – 3:00pm
Corn 2 vs Corn 1

BANTAM – 4:30pm
Corn 1 vs Gaels


Sunday June 16th @ Glengarry District High School

TYKE – 10am
Corn 3 vs Gaels

MOSQUITO – 11:30am
Corn 3 vs Gaels