9 Club Updates 9 2017 OVFL REGISTRATION


Instructions for registering for Wildcats OVFL team (16-19 year olds)
NOTE: This is not for house league registration.

Step 1:

Click on the Ontario Football Association (OFA) link below and register as a player. You must pay $36 online, so you will need some sort of credit card/pre-paid card. This fee covers your membership and registration costs with the OFA & Football Canada. You will need to remember your “Football Canada number”. 

Step 2:

Click on the link below and register directly with the OVFL. There will be a spot to enter your Football Canada number. Please fill it out completely.

Step 3:

Please make a cheque out for $550.00 to the “Cornwall Minor Football Association“. Please give the money/cheque to Kirby Camplin or Jo Ann Da Silva, who will be at our OVFL practices. We will provide receipts if requested. Payment must be received before the season begins. If you need a payment plan please approach either Kirby or Jo Ann.